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Unit II - Nacharam

Nacharam, is located in the industrial suburb of Hyderabad. Established as a Direct Compression facility, this unit supplies product to Europe, Canada and Asia markets. Further expansion of the FDF facility is planned in the future.


Our knowledge of paracetamol is almost unrivalled in the industry. We have more than 15 excipient plus derivatives already supplied and many more which could be developed. In addition, we can now supply that DC in finished dosage form in capsule, hard coated tablet, film-coated tablet or in chewable form.

The multiple combinations of products include paracetamol & ibuprofen, paracetamol & caffeine plus multiple other combinations.


Highlights :

Directly compressible granulation products. Block A has a capacity to produce 400 tonnes of DC product per month.

Block B produces approximately 500/600 million tablets/capsules to UK, German and Portuguese markets – current capacity is 1 billion tablets. Key products manufactured in this facility include Granulated products of Acetaminophen (Paracetamol); Metformin; Guaifenisen; and Ibuprofen.

Installed Equipment :

– FBP -5 nos. of 1300 Lts; 1 nos. of 250 Lts; and 1 nos. of 25 Lts
– RMG- 4 nos. of 600 Lts; and 1 nos. of 150 Lts
– 6 Octagonal Blenders with capacities ranging from 1KL to 9KL

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