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Formulation Development is key to giving more accessibility for many

8th August 2023

Oral delivery is currently the gold standard in the pharmaceutical industry where it is regarded as the safest, most convenient and most economical method of drug delivery having the highest patient compliance. Formulation of a convenient dosage form for oral administration, by considering swallowing difficulty, especially in the case of geriatric and pediatric patients leads to poor patient compliance.

To troubleshoot such problems a dosage form known as orally disintegrating tablet (ODT), has been developed which rapidly disintegrates to dissolve in saliva which enables the API to be easily swallowed without the need of water. In addition, patients suffering from dysphasia, motion sickness, repeated emesis and mental disorders prefer such preparation because they cannot swallow large quantities of water. Further, drugs exhibiting satisfactory absorption from the oral mucosa or intended for immediate pharmacological action can be advantageously formulated in such type of dosage form.

The popularity and usefulness of the formulation have resulted in the development of several ODT technologies for preparation. Sri Krishna Pharma is pleased to be involved in multiple technologies to give extra choice for customers and patients and is open to enquiries about such products.

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A great success at iPHEX 2023

8th July 2023

Thanks for joining us at iPHEX, it was a great show, we managed to meet many of our customers and had some very productive meetings.

We are based in Hyderabad so iPHEX is very much close to home for us and has been an excellent opportunity to showcase our ability to produce much-needed first line of defence drugs. First-fine-defence drugs continue to be important to us and crucial in improving people’s lives.

We hope to see you all at CPHI in Barcelona in October 2023.

A great success at iPHEX 2023