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Founded in 1974, Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals Ltd specialises in the bulk manufacture of many first line of defence drugs. Ranging from APIs to DC granules and now on to finished dosage forms.

Strong roots and scientific knowledge

Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SKPL), established in 1974 started life as a pioneer in the manufacture of bulk Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) for the domestic Indian market. Today the company is a vertically integrated bulk manufacturer of multiple first line of defense API’s, PFI’s and finished dosage drugs. Paracetamol is still very important to the company and the company remains one of the largest manufacturers in the world. The role of Indian bulk drug manufacturers in the global pharma supply chain has evolved greatly with SKPL increasing its presence in synthesis of bulk API, direct compression, intermediate and finished dosage products.

To meet the growing demands of our long standing customers we have established five manufacturing facilities, each plant having its dedicated specialist products it produces. These facilities are equipped with ever evolving modern equipment to ensure the compliant processing of the final critical steps of the needed drug substances. Our facilities are audited against critical GMP standards and have numerous on-going certifications including U.S. FDA, EDQM, COFEPRIS, ANVISA, GHA, AIFA, ANSM.

In the API Granules area the company is an approved supplier of Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Metformin, Aspirin, FU, Methocarbamol. We are also a major supplier of Folic acid in various products at its Shamshabad facility.

Continued investment in technology and human capital extends to backward and forward integration from KSM to finished dosage. Today our expertise extends from manufacturing API, Direct Compression (DC) to Premixes. Delivering Quality and compliant products which offer great value and flexibility has been a winning formula for SKPL.

Communication with clients is something the company takes pride in. The Values of Transparency, Trust and Dedication, have been guiding principles since inception and it is now part of our ‘keep it simple’ approach. We believe that these values have enabled us to create, sustain and grow relationships for 40+ years with our partner customers worldwide.

We believe that to consistently grow and maintain momentum you need collaboration with Innovation and a clear set of ethical policies which meet international standards. We continue to invest in our people and infrastructure in order to serve 60 plus global markets.

In the area of R&D we are currently focusing research efforts in the field of biotechnology through global collaborations. This is an extension of our Keep it Simple philosophy but in this case trying to make a process easier or allowing value engineering to make something more accessible.

Keep it simple

The simpler we can make something, the more efficient and cost effective it is. Whether this is pure economics or a carbon neutral effect it is a fact that finished dosage product delivered to our customers allows them to service the therapeutic in most cases more effectively. Not with standing this simple mantra by adhering to quality and compliance in all manufacture we are always seeking the most efficient value solution. Our partners understand our philosophy and in many cases help us achieve better operations by bying into the idea of constant improvement.

No matter where you join on the branches of our tree you get commitment to achieve value. You might have the seed of an idea for cooperation or collaboration. How do we progress this idea and what resource do we deploy? You can join the tree from roots to near the tips of the branches.