Sri Krishna Pharma - Trusted partners for life's journey

Vision & Values

The vision, mission and values of Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals are at the core of our business. Our focus on quality, humanity and trust, backed by our strong heritage, is what makes us unique in this pharma landscape.

Our Vision

Provide first-line-of-defence compliance drugs with our honest endeavour and continuously improve the application of our scientific knowledge to aid life’s journey for many people.

Our Mission

Maintain and improve operational excellence with our existing drug portfolio while developing innovative new products that expand the depth and scope of our offering to customers and humankind. To be known as a caring employer that respects EHS and compliance, while giving the best quality of service and product.


Our Values

Quality, humanity, heritage and trust are the values that have underpinned Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals for over forty-five years. Our goal is to support our partners in the production of quality therapeutic products which help humanity in life’s daily journey. In order to achieve this, we continue to invest in gaining knowledge, listening to our customers and improving all aspects of our business.