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EHS - Sri Krishna Pharma

We believe that ensuring environmental sustainability is vital to the planet and our business success. We have integrated this fully into our core business strategy.

The Environment

Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals Limited considers itself a highly responsible corporate citizen that takes a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability, believing it is vital to our business success. We recognise our actions have the potential to impact our customers and the community where we operate for generations to come.

The initiatives we undertake towards environmental protection are wide and varied, with a heavy focus on energy-saving and waste:

Health & Safety

Like any respectable corporation, Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals Limited regards our employees as

our most important asset. We work hard on promoting health and well-being initiatives to ensure our employees remain safe and healthy. We regularly conduct awareness sessions to educate on fitness and how various lifestyle diseases can be prevented.

Providing a safe working environment for our employees is our top priority. Whether it is through training, use of personal protective equipment or making certain all safety practices are fully complied with, we do our utmost to ensure everyone is always safe.

An empowered EHS team monitors adherence to all our safety policies and guidelines. A few of these initiatives are listed below: