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In less than four decades, we have established five fully equipped manufacturing facilities to deliver exceptional drug quality across therapy segments, product formats and technologies. Our services such as on time delivery, quality products, services and regulatory support will always be available.

With all our facilities meeting GMP standards and gaining global regulatory approvals, we have now embarked on a mission to ensure sustainable practices by effecting several safety and environmental friendly initiatives.

R&D set-up

Our In-house R&D infrastructure located at Uppal is equipped with an advanced synthetic chemistry laboratory and is ideal for process development and trouble shooting in the processes of existing product lines.

Our vast knowledge repository coupled with the access to latest in technology at this lab, we are well placed to deliver Cradle to Market realization for our customers. We carry out bench scale work at this lab and the data generated is utilized for scale up in the commercial batches.

This laboratory is also utilized for synthesis of process related impurities to support the analytical work.

Our R&D Lab also has the capability to further characterize and certify the impurity standards.

Our pilot plant (Kilo Lab), at Uppal is operational to translate the process capability from laboratory scale to “Kilo” stage before taking up commercial production.

Analytical Capabilities

  • Independent analytical testing laboratories for each unit with adequate number of gradient HPLCs/ UPLCs/ GC with head space in addition to the regular essential laboratory equipment.
  • Cubical modules for each type of analysis
  • Separate teams for method development and validations as per USP <1225>
  • Separate teams for stability monitoring for different climatic zones.

Chemistry Capabilities

  • High Pressure – Autoclave reactions
  • Grignard reactions
  • Chlorosulfonation reactions
  • Cynation reactions

API Manufacturing Units

All our three API manufacturing units located at Uppal (Unit I); Shamshabad (Unit III) and Bollaram (Unit IV) are US FDA certified and follow the highest standard of environmental safety processes.

Direct Compression Manufacturing Unit

Our Direct Compression Manufacturing Unit is located at Nacharam (Unit II).

Intermediaries Manufacturing Unit

Our Intermediaries manufacturing Unit is located at Solapur (Unit V).