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Continued infrastructure investments

While the world has been stunned by this recent pandemic we have redoubled our efforts to keep our workforce safe and maintain our already strict safety monitoring.

At the same time in a pharma business which was founded over forty-five years ago, you cannot stop doing what is right for the business. This means updating, enlarging and replacing the equipment you use and keeping it up to date.

Any of our customers wishing to visit our facilities are welcome. We are justifiably proud of the impeccable safety record and the modernity concerning maintaining a sustainable outlook. It would be easy to simply discard equipment rather than seeing if its life could be extended. So it is that the ‘throwaway society’ was never a good concept and it certainly is not considered as such at Sri Krishna.

Our people and team ethos remain a key strength of our business. We are more concerned about the quality of the products we produce for our loyal clients. If we can get a congratulatory email it is usually for some over and above duty service we have rendered. As modern as our equipment is, we cannot underestimate the importance of our vastly experienced scientific team in delivering product 365 days a year.

SKPL Infrastructure Investments

A shared vision of optimism for 2021

Firstly we wanted to acknowledge the tremendous effort put in by staff and customers to keep manufacturing our first-line defence drugs on track. In particular, there is still a need for Paracetamol and its common painkilling properties and usage in reducing high temperature.

Our accessible drugs have brought much relief in this pandemic while others have looked to pioneer a vaccine.

We urge everyone to remain vigilant while the COVID 19 pandemic claims many lives worldwide. Safety of all our staff and extended family remains our priority. This means wearing masks outside our facilities and keeping up social distancing and sanitizing regimes.

Still, we have exciting plans for 2021, which we will be pleased to talk about as the year unfolds. The Sri Krishna journey continues because our roots are strong. Our people, teamwork and company ethos are vitally important to our future, just as they have been to our past.

We wish all our friends, partner customers’ good health and happiness.